My December_MV

A boy loved a girl who wants to be the Snow White.
Music : My December_Scala&Kolacny Brothers
Junsung(Boy) : Sungwook Uh
Mihye(Girl) : Yeeun Kang
Karaoke girl A : Jungmin Yu
Karaoke girl B : Eunmi Jung
Karaoke man A : Jingook Park
Karaoke man B : Yongsoon Lim
Karaoke man C : Yoonho Park
Karaoke man D : Bongkyun Go
Junsung’s friend A: Byungjoo Kim
Junsung’s friend B: Junyoung Jung
Special thanks :
Doo ggo bi Karaoke Ajumma.
Mira Kim and her father.
Nils Clauss.
The owner of Doolli Karaoke who gave us cups of coffee in the extreme cold weather.
Director and Screenplay : Jaesuk Huh
Assistant Camera : Junyoung Jung
Assistant Directors : Sol Lee, Vio Kim
Production Manager : Zunsung Gim
Production Assistants : Ilwon Kang, Junghyun Lim